Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things to Do Before I Go

My first flight takes off in less than 21 hours. Unbelievable! Today I am spending the day at home taking care of last minute details. Here are the things I need to do. If I am forgetting something important please comment and let me know.

  • Finish packing
  • Go to Costco to get my Kashi bars
  • Go to the gym, one last workout that will hopefully result in a 20 pound loss
  • Try and learn a little more Swahili
  • Clean a little bit so my husband isn't angry at me the whole time I am gone
  • Pay my rent so my landlord isn't angry at me the whole time I am gone
  • Stop at Allstate and insure my laptop and camera
  • Drink lots and lots of water so that I am completely hydrated for the flight
  • Have dinner with my husband
  • Spend "quality time" with my husband
  • Get about 4 hours of sleep, enough so that I can function but insufficient enough that I can sleep on the plane and get on Zanzibar time
  • Start taking my Malarone, the malaria pill
  • Set my alarm for 3:30 am
  • Take one last shower before the trip
  • Wave goodbye to Brooklyn
  • Give my husband the biggest kiss ever before I leave him at the airport
  • Cry
  • Get on an airplane and try to keep busy for 28 hours


  1. How much of this have you gotten done? (Besides the "quality time," of course.)